Pakistan: ‘Leaked’ audio call gives new twist to harassment case
TikTok girl, her male partner can be heard planning to blackmail arrest suspects

A mob assaulting TikTok star Ayesha Akram. Punjab police on Tuesday arrested three more individuals in the case.

A mob assaulting TikTok star Ayesha Akram. Punjab police on Tuesday arrested three more individuals in the case. Image Credit: Social media

Pakistan Islamabad: The Punjab police is investigating an audio call between TikTok girl, Ayesha Akram, and her male partner, Amir Sohail, alias Rambo.

In their alleged telephonic conversation which is leaked to social media and has gone viral, both of them can be heard planning to blackmail and get money from each of the arrested suspects in the Greater Iqbal Park Harassment Case.

Ayesha Akram can be heard saying she identified six persons from whom they could extort money. She suggests they should demand Rs600,000 (Dh12,871) from each of them. However, Rambo differed with her saying most of the arrested persons were from poor families and they would not be able to get that sum from them. On this, Ayesha suggests they should reduce the amount to Rs500,000 (Dh10,726).

According to a senior officer of Lahore police, a complete forensic audit of the audio would be carried out and it would be premature to say anything before the report of the forensic report, he further said.

The alleged leaked call has given the harassment case a new turn as on October 8, Ayesha had complained that Rambo and his companions were blackmailing her and hurled threats on her.

In a written statement submitted to DIG Investigation Shariq Jamal she alleged that it was Rambo who had made the plan to go to Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day. She also charged in the application that Rambo and his accomplices had got hold of her nude video and were blackmailing her for the past three years.

A day after her complaint, the police arrested Rambo who, however, rejected her allegations. “I am the one who saved Ayesha from the mob but now she is putting the entire blame on me,” said Rambo while talking to the media during his appearance before the local court.

“Only I know how I took this girl (Ayesha) out of that situation alive and took her home but now Ayesha has nominated me in the case,” he said, adding, this was neither his fault nor Ayesha’s.

More arrests

Punjab police on Tuesday arrested three more individuals in the case pertaining to the harassment of TikTok star Ayesha Akram. She was purportedly assaulted by a crowd at the Greater Iqbal Park on the eve of Independence Day. The arrests were made hours after the alleged leaked audio call between Ayesha Akram and Rambo.

After the fresh detentions, the total number of arrests in the case reached 11.

Police had launched a crackdown against hundreds of unidentified men in August after a number of video clips went viral on social media in which Akram could be seen assaulted and groped by a crowd of more than 400 men in the park where she had gone for recording a TikTok video.

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