Pakistani hackers hoist national flag on Indian news channel
Indian news channel ‘hacked’ by Pakistani group over BJP leaders' blasphemous remarks.
The words "Respect Hazrat Muhammad" also appeared on the screen

Pakistani hacker displays national flag on Indian news channel after hacking it.

The Pakistani flag suddenly appeared on a live broadcast of a private TV channel in India. On this occasion, it was written on the screen, "Respect Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)."

It can be seen in the viral video on social media that during the live broadcast, Naat also started playing on the Indian TV channel. In the pictures released on Twitter, it can be seen below the screen that the broadcasts of this TV channel have been hacked by Team Revolution PK.

After the video went viral, Team Revolution PK became one of the top trends on Twitter, with users from all over the world commenting on it.

Hackers replaced the live transmission of the Time8 News channel with the Pakistani flag and some other texts for some time.

It should be noted that after the blasphemous statements made by the leaders of the Indian ruling party BJP in honor of the Holy Prophet(PBUH), the anti-Muslim policy of the Indian government and the statements of the leaders of the ruling party are being severely criticized from all over the world.

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