Will Virat Kohli return?
Indian star Virat Kohli is in the worst form of his career but in a crucial match of IPL, he has taken his team to the knockout round. The question is, are these innings a sign of his return?

Thirty-three-year-old Virat Kohli's form has become a hot topic not only for Indians but also for international fans. Pakistan, like the rest of the world, has a large number of fans.

If Kohli is not playing against Pakistan then his Pakistani fans enjoy his superb batting and want to see him score big.

What happened to Kohli?

Bad times come to all the players in the world of cricket. This period is called 'out of form' in sports terms. Many famous batsmen and bowlers also got upset during this period and retired.

Among such names is India's super batsman VVS Laxman. In addition, English player Kevin Pietersen also retired in the same way.

However, Virat Kohli is hopeful that he will make a strong comeback. Kohli has not been able to perform as well as he did in the past for at least the last three years.

An example of this is that he has not scored a single century in international cricket in the last three years. He has also missed out on hundreds in the Indian Premier League (IPL) this season. In this IPL, he also returned to the pavilion three times on 'Golden Dick', getting out on the first ball.

Smoky batting against Gujarat

In the last group match of IPL 2022, Kohli's team Royal Challengers Bangalore had to win this match so that they could easily reach the knockout round, so Kohli did a great job in this match.

Kohli teamed up with captain Faf de Pelosi to score a century in the first wicket partnership and played an aggressive inning of 74 off 54 balls at the individual level. This match was not easy as Bangalore was competing against Gujarat Titans, the top team in the points table, but Kohli is no ordinary player.

Earlier, commenting on his form, Kohli had said that he was not worried but was working hard and was looking forward to his return soon, just waiting for the right time.

So the right time has come? Now his team has to face Lucknow in the knockout match of IPL and case of victory, they will have to face Gujarat or Rajasthan Royals in the second qualifier and then the final.

Many cricket experts say that Virat Kohli is a great player and if he returns to his form in these matches, no one will be able to stop the Bangalore team.

However, the question is whether it is time for Kohli to return? If this is the case then after this IPL edition the international teams should also be aware that the current king of the world of cricket has returned to his form.

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